About Vineyard Financial Services

Olive Hill, KY, June 2, 2010 -- FEMA Mitigatio...Image via WikipediaVineyard Financial Services (Vineyard) was established in 2005 as a business loan broker. In 2006 the emphasis was redirected towards inspections of various types.  For a list of inspections we perform, please click on “Inspections” above.

At Vineyard we focus on the needs of the banking, real estate, insurance, credit card and lending industries. We essentially become a partner with our customers and become their eyes and ears in the field. We deliver superior customer service providing error-free reports, high quality photographs and industry-leading turn times. We are experienced in both residential and commercial inspections as well as Merchant Site Inspections. Vineyard’s growth and continued success can be attributed to our understanding of each customer’s need for accurate and on-time information.

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Merchant Site Inspections

Credit cardsImage via WikipediaOne of our inspection specialties is the Merchant Site Inspection. When a business wants to be able to accept credit cards as a form of payment from customers, or needs to have access to consumer credit reports, an application is submitted to a merchant acquiring bank or to a provider of consumer credit reports. The Merchant Site Inspection assists the bank or credit report provider in the preliminary assessment of a merchant account and in their efforts to mitigate the fraud and risk associated with the establishment of the account. Our inspectors are trained to verify the physical location of a business and validate appropriate and adequate inventory to conduct such business, while documenting important facts and information pertaining to the merchant’s acceptance of bankcards or access to consumer credit reports.
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